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Your home is an investment that matters to the whole family; it is often the largest investment a person ever makes. No wonder why many homeowners take good care of it, beautify it and maintain its elegance, and continually do makeovers not only to meet the modern demands of housing but also ensure lasting durability of the home. If you are one of the homeowners thinking of this wonderful idea, our room addition contractor in Alhambra CA will help you.

Name Your Project

Our addition contractor here in My Design Guide has the related experience and expertise when it comes to construction, remodeling, and design. Whether you want to have a second story addition, bedroom addition, garage conversion or master suite addition, we will make your space better, more livable and effortlessly appealing. Call our home addition contractor in Alhambra CA today for free estimate.

Safe, Professional, and Compliant with Regulations

From the start to the end, we ensure safe working practices not only to ensure our safety while working but also to take good care of your property. Our experts have undergone special training to handle and operate the industry-leading construction tools and comply with the latest regulations. Safety, accuracy, and professionalism are paramount in the construction industry, and we take these very seriously.

From the Initial Drawings all the Way to Completion

We interpret the blueprints appropriately and the applicable building code for compliance. We take advantage of the modern technology and software prior to plan development and home construction research. We effectively identify the materials to be used in residential construction and apply them accordingly. In the construction process, our room addition contractor in Alhambra CA are professionally and expertly construct, remodel and design the floors, roofing, bedrooms, garage and other home parts.

Room Addition Contractor Alhambra CA

Our Construction Service

Our room addition contractor in Alhambra CA offers an all-in-one construction, remodeling and design service to all clients. From interior and exterior designing, partial or complete home remodeling, bedroom additions, new constructions, roofing and solar systems, swimming pool building to any other home construction services, our home addition contractor can offer specialized service and exceptional results.

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Leave the Work to Us

We generally handle the process, so you can relax knowing your project is in the best of hands. We provide a free estimate and help you design the home you dream of. We also handle the project management and manage necessary city inspections. We even help you when it comes to financing. And during the actual work process, we use the industry’s latest high-technology tools and equipment to make the job run smoother and faster.

If you need a professional, industry-leading expert room addition contractor in Alhambra CA, My Design Guide has it all. We can help take your home’s elegance to the next level with reasonable budgets in mind. Anything you need is now in one place! Call us today for your free estimate.

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