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My Design Guide is committed to providing quality craftsmanship, unique and comprehensive designs, as well as exceptional client communication. We are a home construction, remodeling and design company that offers a
premium-quality service to our clients in Beverly Hills CA.

Teamwork Counts

Our award-winning home addition contractors, design team, building team and showroom department personnel take pride in providing the best possible service to our valuable clients. While doing this, we continually maintain a good relationship with the providers who are with us along the way. Contact your room addition contractor in Beverly Hills CA today for a free estimate and we’ll schedule a consultation for you.

Complete House Renovation and Addition

When it comes to a complete home renovation and addition, it is best to entrust the experts for the experience that will yield the best results. At My Design Guide, we are offering the clients complete home renovation projects, so you can fall in love with your home once again. With so many trendy home designs and styles, we can offer your home a fresh look and make it like new.

Changes Big and Small

Our addition service such as second story addition, bedroom addition, master suite addition, bathroom addition and living room extension is also available for those who want to make partial changes. We even provide garage conversions for your space. Whatever vision you have for your home, we can help turn everything into reality. Call our room addition contractor in Beverly Hills CA for a free estimate and consultation.

Family and Great Rooms

From the great rooms, living room or family rooms, we can create a functional and beautiful living space. Our home addition contractor can provide an extended living room and family room addition, so you can work and play in a large space with the people that matter to you. My Design Guide will make things possible regardless which part of the house you want to enhance.

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Kitchen Renovation and Design

Do you want your kitchen to look even better? Not a problem! The life of your whole family revolves around your kitchen every day; it is the hub of almost every home. There is nothing better than a fabulously designed kitchen that is not just aesthetically pleasing but functional, at the same time. Our room addition contractor in Beverly Hills CA will help you and your family enjoy your most-loved room even more.

Luxurious Bathroom Addition

Your bathroom provides a personal space with limitless design and comfort possibilities, which can be truly limited only by your imagination. No matter how complex the style, design, and additions you want to incorporate into your bathing haven, My Design Guide will actualize it. You will be amazed at the expert craftsmanship while seeking comfort in your pleasurable home space. Our home addition contractor has the skills and knowledge to transform the dull space into a luxurious sanctuary.

Outdoor Pool

Immerse yourself outside the house while transforming your ground into a unique and stylish outdoor living space. We can render pool building services as part of our exterior remodeling and construction. Let us make it happen today.

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Interior Home Details

Not only are we experts in exterior designing, we have wonderful ideas and experience on how to enhance your interiors. We can help transform your interior with the help of thoughtful details, bringing a big impact and delightful ambiance to your home space. Your family will be delighted with the new appeal of your home, with interiors that will wow.

We are a comprehensive company

We provide general home construction, remodeling and designing for your home. Whatever the project, we can do it! Let the award-winning room addition contractor in Beverly Hills CA handle the job and give you the home space you’ve been dreaming of.

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