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Are you planning to remodel your home? Maybe your home requires a full-scale renovation to change its dated, tired look into a modern, livable dream home? Or, perhaps you need to add a room or transform a basement to expand your living area and boost the overall value of your house? Probably, you might just need to modernize a bathroom or kitchen to make it more family friendly?

Save Time and Hassle

No matter your reason, it is in your best interest to hire a professional room addition contractor in Burbank CA like My Design Guide to design and renovate your home. Following are the benefits you can reap once you hire an expert to remodel your home:

At My Design Guide, we have heard a lot of stories of homeowners who decided to tackle their home renovation projects all by themselves. Nonetheless, even with the best intentions, most of these projects took many days, weeks and, months or even years to complete. Why? This is because most homeowners attempted to handle a renovation project, which requires a lot of time, experience and focus – something that adds stress to the homeowner.
If you prefer the least amount of hassle in the lives of your family, you must hire a room addition contractor in Burbank CA. We will guarantee your home renovation projects stay on schedule, so you can easily get back to your normal life much faster.

Save Money

Many homeowners believe it’s cost efficient to perform renovation work themselves. However, this is not true, particularly if you are not experienced in certain types of work such as woodworking, tile laying, or electrical. Mistakes due to insufficient skills and knowledge can be expensive to solve once they’ve happened. Professional home remodelers like us understand how to work on a specific project. If you do it all by yourself, expenses can easily get out of control.

Moreover, our room addition contractor in Burbank CA have industry contacts, meaning they can acquire vendor discounts on building materials that will save you money in the long run. You will likely receive high-quality materials than you might be able to buy on your own.

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We Turn Your Dreams into Reality

For the best results, entrust your bathroom addition or garage conversion to My Design Guide team. With many years of construction and remodeling experience, we are sought-after for offering residential renovation solutions
while keeping quality craftsmanship.

With You All The Way

Since expert home remodelers are accustomed to a variety of design options, they can easily interpret your requirements and bring your concepts to life while staying within your budget. Plus, a professional room addition contractor in Burbank CA is familiar with local regulations and laws, which may influence your remodeling project. We will make sure all the documents are done and file for any permits.

We will ensure your renovations conform to present building code, construction, and building standards, so your home passes any inspections flawlessly.

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We Want You to be Proud of the Outcome

Compared to a DIY newbie, having an experienced room addition contractor in Burbank CA from My Design Guide that are experienced and knowledgeable in advanced construction methods is a valuable tool. They know the structure of a home as well its individual components like HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring and more. Thus, they can avoid issues from happening in the first place and fix unexpected problems should they arise

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