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Having your home renovated and remodeled will increase its value for your future investments. The future home that you want will turn into reality with help of our team of experts. Here at My Design Guide, we are confident that we can bring about the changes in your home that you are looking for. Rather than moving, a room addition or extension could be the answer, allowing you to stay in the same home and have all your needs met.

What’s Your Reason for Change?

Are you feeling cramped?

Are you planning to start a new business?

Or you have a new member of the family?

You probably need more space in your home for all these changes. In this case, you need to hire a professional room addition contractor in Carson to take on this project and give you the home to fit your ever-changing needs.

Why Choose My Design Guide?

We are highly qualified to do the job for you for we are a team of professionals that are licensed and fully insured as a general contractor. Not to mention, we have all the skills needed to perform all types of remodeling services. Whether you are looking for a Second story addition, Bedroom Addition, Garage conversion, extended living room, master suite addition or even a Bathroom addition, we can make it happen!

We Manage the Project from Start to Finish

Unlike other contractors out there, we closely monitor the work from start to finish. We are meticulous and always follow all the accepted industry and City requirements for every phase of your project. We have a strong reputation in this competitive and ever-changing industry and want to maintain that. Choosing us over other contractor is a wise decision you can make for your project. Here at My Design Guide, your dreams are not just dreams, we will turn them into reality.

Room Addition Contractor Carson CA

Master Suite Addition: A Superb Renovation

Master Suite addition is one of the best home remodeling services that we have. This can make a huge difference in your home and lifestyle. If you are planning a room addition, then this will be a good idea that will surely invite more space and a luxurious feel in your home.

By simply adding a new bedroom or room into your home, our remodeling services will surely benefit you and your family. Just let us know about your plans and designs and we will immediately start the job for you and finish it in the expected time frame.

Carson room addition blueprint plan

Proudly Serving the Carson Community

If you are a resident of Carson, you can visit us or give us a call and we are always glad to entertain your inquiries. We are proud to say that our satisfied customers keep on coming back to us to work on more jobs for them. They even recommend us to their friends and other colleagues, the highest compliment a business can hope for.

If you are planning to renovate your home, we have the honor and pleasure to do the job for you. With our years of experience and expertise in the remodeling industry, we guarantee you that you will like and be happy with our services. Call us at (888) 666-8224 and let’s start remodeling your home now!

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