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Your home is one of your biggest investments. It is not just a property but also the place your family calls home. If you have been living in your house for a long time, then there is more to it than just a house. It holds memories that you cherish and is a place of gathering for your family and friends.

A Time for Change

You deeply cherish your home but now you decided it is the right time to make some changes. You decided now is the perfect time to add a new room for your growing family or to upgrade it to make it look more modern.

Hiring the Right Team

Once that happens, you need a great contractor who can bring your vision to life. You need a room addition contractor in Downey CA whom you can trust. Don’t let yourself be fooled into hiring a second-rate contractor who will give you shoddy work and false promises.

Here in Downey, we are one of the few room addition contractors you can trust – My Design Guide. As one of the leading home addition contractors in Downey CA, we are here to provide value and comfort to your home.

Adding Space

Adding rooms is a wonderful way to update your home and you can do that to us without breaking the bank. No matter the reason you want to remodel your home, be it because you need extra storage or got bored of your current home’s design, we are sure we can help you achieve it.

My Design Guide Room Addition Services

My Design Guide is a licensed and fully insured general contractor in Downey CA. Our firm specializes in residential remodeling and construction, particularly room additions. We do secondary addition, bedroom addition, master suite addition, bathroom addition, garage conversion, living room addition, and more.

Room Addition Contractor Downey CA

We Work for You

Our team of contractors takes on many roles for the realization of the house you want. They take care of drafting plans for you and are also your representatives with the City Planning and Building Department. We also handle the entire process of design, remodeling, and construction of your home. Our process is easy and made to ensure it will be as smooth for you as possible.

Affordability and Practicality

At My Design Guide, room addition projects are even more affordable than people believe. More than affordable projects, we bring you experienced, licensed contractors to ensure your home additions follow the city codes, is safe and up to your expectations. There are many things to consider in any remodeling project and our team can take on that responsibility to ensure your results are seamless and hassle minimal.

Making and Sticking to A Plan

Constructing your room addition will not be a long and arduous process with My Design Guide. We make it easy by taking care of the following tasks:

• Establish a target budget for your remodeling project.
• Design a room addition according to your budget.
• Provide you a report for all the items included in your design.
• Provide you a quote for all the materials and labor in completing the project.
• Develop a construction schedule to give you a timeframe for the project.
• Deliver a satisfactory construction of your dream home.

Downey room addition blueprint plan

Call Us Today for A Friendly Consultation

From the start to finish, you can rely on My Design Guide to assist you in realizing the house you want. We can help you achieve the added space you need or to maximize the space you already have. All you need to do is contact us and we will be there ready to help you.

Are you ready to launch your project now? Head to our office or contact us through our Contact Page on our website. Get a consultation now to find out more about how we can help you. My Design Guide is your room addition contractor in Downey here to help.

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