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Show Us Your Project Vision

Bring us your beautiful architectural designs and we’ll bring the project to life. Whether you have a specific finish in mind, paint colors, or interesting design elements, we want to bring that vision into your home. In case you need help with the design, we can provide you the right service you need. We can also connect you with the best architects
to help put your unique ideas on paper.

As Your Family Grows, So Must Your Space

Are you creating a nursery for the newest family member? Do you need to enlarge your dining room for large holiday gatherings? Do you want to add a powder room in your bedroom? Or maybe, you feel like your growing family is cramped within your existing space. If so, then you are a perfect candidate for a room addition. Whether it is to accommodate your growing family, or you just want to add value to your property, your room addition contractor in Hawthorne CA is here to help you every step of the way.

Building from the Ground Up

Any room addition, whether a second story addition, bedroom addition or garage conversion, involves everything you find when building a new home from scratch. This involves plumbing, electrical, flooring, zoning, permitting, footers, new windows and more. Building a room addition is a complex project and the only way to do it right is to work with an experienced home addition contractor in Hawthorne California.

Let Us Handle the Work

A seasoned room addition contractor in Hawthorne CA, My Design Guide will take the burden off your shoulder. We have highly qualified, licensed workers and building designers equipped with innovative tools and equipment to deliver the highest quality service to you at competitive prices. We have happy and satisfied customers who can attest to the reliability of our services.

Expanding a living space or adding a room in your existing structure is complex and requires a lot of work. With My Design Guide’s experienced and skilled home addition contractors, every project is completed smoothly and efficiently. Each time we work with our clients, we leave them with results that are satisfying.

Room Addition Contractor Hawthorne CA

At My Design Guide, we take pride in our highly-trained experts and licensed builders who can handle any property renovation or remodeling situation. We also have a huge selection of quality materials you can choose from for your space.

My Design Guide – Your Ultimate Partner when it comes to Quality Home Addition Projects

My Design Guide is your reliable room addition contractor in Hawthorne CA. We will take any home renovation or remodeling journey with you, helping you with each step of the way, from your very first phone call. At the company, we focus on effective and quick workflows, quality materials and output, superior craftsmanship and efficient time management. Our dependable team can ensure that the next milestone in the life of our clients goes as smoothly, seamlessly and as stress-free as possible.

When you hire us for your home addition project, you can benefit from a wide variety of services, which include:

o Second story addition
o Bedroom Addition
o Garage conversion
o Master suite addition
o Bathroom addition
o Extend living room

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 Ultimate Service Provider

When it comes to new home additions, a room addition contractor in Hawthorne CA is equipped with knowledge and experience to deliver the service that goes beyond your expectations. Our service providers will work closely with you to achieve exactly what you desire. We will help create the space you need that is not only functional but also inviting.

If you live in Hawthorne or the surrounding areas in California, My Design Guide is the ultimate service provider to entrust your valuable investments. We will handle your property just like our own. Our team of expert contractors can guarantee state-of-the-art home additions that match your needs.

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