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Best Room Addition Contractor in Northridge CA

Do you have plans to add a room to your house? If so, there are a lot of things to consider, and a room addition contractor in Northridge like My Design Guide can help. We have been contracted to produce hundreds of construction and remodeling projects over the years of service in this business. This means that we have the experience for a smooth project and a dream home.

Why Hire Us for Your Room Addition Project?

For us, any room addition project can be divided into two parts such as plan development and execution where our expertise and experience comes in. Below are the top reasons to work with us:

A Showroom to Visit

At present, only a few Northridge room addition contractors have showrooms, and we are one of them. You can stop by one of our showrooms, speak with our friendly staff, and look at our samples of countertops, fixtures, cabinets, and a lot more.

If you have questions, never be afraid to ask. Our team of customer service representatives is amicable, professional, and approachable. They are easy to speak with, enabling you to make good buying decisions.

Lots of Experience in Room Additions

Serving the industry for a long time has given us the chance to complete several projects throughout Northridge, improve our experience, and become more efficient. Unlike other home addition contractors in the area, we have perfected our process that can go above your expectations.

We also have a brilliant team of people, effective methods, and efficient systems that all homeowners have been dreaming to have for their remodeling or construction needs. So, a smooth and expert job will be guaranteed.

Room Addition Contractor Northridge CA

Surrounded by the Right People

Excellent employees’ attitudes and performance are one of the things we are proud of. All the past, repeated or present clients have seen the incredible work ethic of our experts. We train them to be the pros in their chosen field.

But above all, adopt the motto that attitude is more important than expertise. We let them consider workplace as a home to offer helpful, friendly, smooth, and professional service at the end of the day. Despite this kind of approach, respect, integrity, and professionalism are always present all throughout the process.

Northridge room addition blueprint plan

Affordable Room Addition Cost

A high-quality service in construction and remodeling does not need to be expensive. It should be budget-friendly, and this is what we believe in from day one. We keep our costs down for our clients to acquire big savings aside from an awesome project. Our prices are indeed available at a reasonable rate for every kind of homeowner in Northridge.

Commitment to a Pleasant Process

Construction in your home has a reputation of being unpleasant and inconvenient. Here at My Design Guide, we work hard to make that discomfort pleasant and hassle-free. We try to minimize any hassle to the homeowners and neighbors, and ensure that the project is done as clean, efficient, and quickly as possible.

best home addition company in Northridge CA

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