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Are you looking for a trusted room addition contractor in Redondo Beach? You’re in the right place! As one of the most respected room addition contractors in Redondo Beach, we can build new rooms including bedroom addition, second story addition, master suite addition and bathroom additions faster and better than you can imagine. We also offer garage conversions and living rooms extensions. Call My Design Guide and let us a build a new room for you!

Why Build Room Additions

Improved Quality of Living

Moving is not your only option when your family outgrows your current living space. A simple home addition can solve your space issues while affording you the luxury of staying in the home you truly love. Expanding your current living space will cost less than a new home purchase and gives you the comfort of staying in the home you’ve lived in. You can improve your quality of living with a home addition project for less money than you would expect.

Turning the Old into New

A room addition is also a great way to make your home look more luxurious. We can build a new luxury bathroom with all the high-tech amenities that you have been dreaming about like designer features and spa-like touches. Perhaps you want a walk-in closet or a study room where you can work in peace. We can also build a theater room for your family or a game room where you can play with your kids and entertain guests. Your vision can become a reality in the skilled hands of a professional contractor like My Design Guide.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Room additions can increase the value of your home, by expanding the livable space. To ensure that the addition has a positive effect on the value of your home, it is best that you contact an expert for assistance with the project details. We can help you decide what elements you should include in your room addition to provide a seamless flow with the existing architecture. One of the best things about home additions is that you have the freedom to design exactly the room you want for your house. Renovating your existing space can help you turn it into a room that fits your exact needs.

Room Addition Contractor Redondo Beach CA

New Uses

The process of packing, shipping and unpacking your personal belongings doesn’t sound appealing to most people. Room additions are sometimes the best choice when you need a change. Building a new room is less stressful than moving your entire family to a new house. If you have relatives who will be staying with you, building new rooms could provide the additional living area you need to accommodate a larger family size. Maybe you work from home and you want to have a place where you can work uninterrupted. Whatever your needs, we at Room Addition Contractor in Redondo Beach will help you build a new room where you can live and work comfortably.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team is composed of designers, architects and contractors who work with our clients from start to finish. We can create a floor plan solution that suits your needs and budget. We can also make 3D drawings, so you can see the home addition from a completed outlook. Our team will address all important details during the project including any structural stability or foundation issues. Your safety is our main property, so you are assured that the room addition is a safe and comfortable space.

We also help you secure the necessary building permits and comply with zoning laws and restrictions. Building a new addition to your home is a project that must be taken seriously, so our team is dedicated to ensuring that the entire process is comfortable and stress-free. We will make sure that the new addition meets your needs and budget. You don’t need to take on the project alone; we are always here to help!

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