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As far back as you can remember, your home has looked pretty much the same – except now you are thinking of updating your home décor. You are not only thinking of updating the interior and exterior décor, but also adding a new room. After all, your kids are grown, and they need their own space. The only problem is you do not know any room addition contractor in Rosemead.

Researching and Finding the Best Contractor in Rosemead

Your search on the Internet yielded you a good result. You arrived at My Design Guide’s website, the home of design, construction, and remodeling experts in Rosemead. When it comes to updating a house, room additions are a wonderful way. This is because you can have this remodeling project done without breaking the bank.

Why Remodel Your Home?

People usually outgrow their homes; they get tired or bored with the usual layout or need more space for storage. They may just need more space to accommodate new members of the family. It could be that the layout of your home just does not suit you now like it did before. Most of the time, families ignore the need to add new rooms and suffer together staying in an increasingly cramped home.

My Design Guide Home Additions Solutions

Home additions can bring out the most in your home. To ensure that you can have the best-looking room addition, we have our contractors and top designers to work together to design plan, and budget. My Design Guide offers you a broad range of home additions solutions. Our home additions solutions include but are not limited to:

• Second Story Addition
• Bedroom Addition
• Garage Conversion
• Master Suite Addition
Bathroom Addition
• Extend Living Room

Second Story Addition

When changes to your family occur, more space is necessary; whether you have a new bundle of joy, or aging parents that are moving in with you, a one-story house seems too cramped for the whole family. In that case, talk with our team and discuss how we can update your house and give you the space you need to live comfortably. We can add a completely new second story to create a huge space to accommodate your growing family.
Room Addition Contractor Rosemead CA

Bathroom Addition

With help from our Rosemead contractors and builders, you can have another bathroom installed in your house in less time than you think. Our contractors will thoroughly conduct an inspection of your home and offer you the option for an additional bathroom. From a simple guest restroom to a luxury spa-like master bathroom, your ideas can come to life with
My Design Guide.

Room Addition

Your kids used to share a room but they are getting older now. In that case, it might be time to add a new room so your kids do not have to share anymore. Adding a new room will give your family more privacy. It will also shape as well as organize the rest of your home. Let My Design Guide handle the task of adding a new room for more space at home.

Master Suite Addition

My Design Guide specializes in creating an idyllic sanctuary for homeowners through our master suite addition. Contrary to popular opinion, adding a master bedroom does not have to be costly. Discuss your needs with our contractors now and we are certain we can provide you with a beautiful master suite to escape and relax after a hard day and do so within your reasonable budget.

Rosemead room addition blueprint plan

Increasing Your Resale Value

Another option homeowners do is to sell their home and simply buy a new one. However, that is not always an option especially if you do not have the budget for it. Instead, why don’t you just add a room or two? You can expand your existing room to have more space or expand to a second floor. Whatever your choice is, a room addition is the best solution to grow a space for your home.

Call My Design Guide and let us plan and create the home of your dreams.

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