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Are you looking for a room addition contractor in Sherman Oaks? Everyone always wants more room for the whole family to be comfortable at home. Whether you want a den or a family room, an added room means more space for the family to get together. It means you have more space to entertain so there is a great deal of enjoyment, not just for the family but to your visitors as well.

Why Room Additions Are Good for the Family

Does your living room feels and looks a bit cramped? Do you think you need more space to stretch your legs? Did you notice that the flow of traffic is slow or blocked from the kitchen to the living room? If this is how it feels like in your living room, you can try to redesign the floor’s layout. Your living room’s layout could be the reason that it looks and feels cramped.

More Space and More Comfort

However, if this does not solve the problem, an additional space might be what you need. When a family grows, sometimes they outgrow their home. When this happens, they are going to need additional rooms and space to move around comfortably. Is it the same for you? Has your family outgrown your home now?

What Room Do You Need?

If you are considering home additions, My Design Guide can help you find room addition contractors. The kind of room additions you want depends on your house and property, particularly in its style and size. If you want more space, you can have a second story built to your home if you do not have space on your property.

We Offer Many Options

If traffic in your kitchen is limited, you can also have a room addition that adjoins with your kitchen. You can make it a dining room, which will permit more room for the family and visitors as well. Besides a second story addition and room addition, My Design Guide provides other solutions including but not limited to:

• Garage Conversion
• Master Suite Addition
• Bathroom Addition
• Extend Living Room

Depending on the kind of home you have, a room addition can solve your problem with space, and is more cost-effective than moving to a new home. You can update the look of your home and add space for your growing family. It’s a great idea to add rooms or another story to your home in Sherman Oaks but the process is often tedious and complicated.

Room Addition Contractor Sherman Oaks CA

Our Room Addition Process

If you decide to hire My Design Guide for your room addition project, here is the process involved in helping you
update your home:

1. Start by deciding if you want to build out or build up. Our contractors can work on adding rooms to your home without changing its footprint.
2. Our contractors and designers work together to make sure your new room suits and matches your home, both in appearance and style.
3. My Design Guide’s contractors help you plan your room addition carefully. They do so by taking into account the purpose of the addition and its space requirements.
4. Next, we work to choose and find the best materials that ensure your room addition matches the rest of your house.

Sherman Oaks room addition blueprint plan

Update Your Home with Help from Experts

To make your job easier and lessen the complication, hiring a professional is the answer. At My Design Guide, you can connect with a professional room contractor to bring quality, value, and integrity to your home. To make the best of expanding your home, you need professional planning and design. My Design Guide promises to enhance the value and enjoyment of your home with our contractors.

A Winning Team Yields A Winning Project

To integrate all these, My Design Guide’s experienced contractors work side by side with you in realizing your dream. Call us today to discuss your room addition requirements!

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