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You can put in an extra space onto your home and our experts can show you how. My Design Guide can show how we add bathrooms, bedrooms and second floor to countless homes in Venice. To obtain the best results in this kind of project, it is essential to hire a good room addition contractor in Venice that understands proper construction methods

Creating More Space with A Room Addition

My Design Guide room addition can assist every homeowner to meet the demands of their growing family. Adding a space or converting your garage into a room is a great way to make your Venice home bigger and afford you more space. Many people consider moving or purchasing a new house when life changes and find themselves in need of an extra bedroom. They believe that room additions are very expensive, or simply ignore the idea of adding an extra space.

When Experience Counts – Call My Design Guide

We have years of experience in this kind of business. We are here to make your dreams of having an additional room come true. Room addition allow you get another 10 or 20 years to use out of your original house without the headaches and expense of moving or buying a new one. My Design Guide makes room addition project easy and very affordable.

Giving You the Room You Need

A skilled room addition contractor in Venice can create a myriad of optional rooms for you. My Design Guide can assist you to change your garage into an office or a small apartment for an additional living room. People frequently buy houses with garages; however, they don’t usually utilize their garage for their vehicles. Therefore, why not take that unused space and utilize it for something very valuable? Our room addition contractor in Venice can assist you to change your garage into a useful and valuable space.

Room Addition Contractor Venice CA

We Take Good Care of Everything

You’ll need authorization or permit for room addition projects regardless of the place or location you live in. My Design Guide handles everything including the permit and other paperwork. So, worry no more about adding a bathroom or bedroom “the right way”. Once you hire our professional room addition team, we’ll always ensure it’s done fast and in the best manner.

Why Should I Hire My Design Guide for My Next Room Addition Project?

My Design Guide offers reasonable yet stylish and pleasing to the eye room addition to all Venice residences. We have an extensive network of suppliers which allow us to provide deeply reasonable yet high-quality building materials. What is more, we employ our own architect and design team. This makes the process easier for us and for you as well.
We do 100 percent of the job; this gets rid of subcontractors and this also lessens the expense of your room addition projects. We can also handle the necessary permits as well as the evaluation for new building and room additions.

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The My Design Guide Difference

My Design Guide makes the whole process of room addition job, or garage conversion, extends living room in Venice as easy as possible. So, prior to buying a new home or moving to a new home, think about a room addition from a reliable room addition contractor in Venice. We offer free estimates and complete consultations. What is more, we also provide connections for broad arrangement of wholesalers. Thus, help our clients to save time and money on high quality but, low-cost materials.

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